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laminate flooring manufacturers rosewood ebony vinyl flooring

laminate flooring manufacturers rosewood ebony vinyl flooring

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This is the description of laminate flooring manufacturers rosewood ebony vinyl flooring

Product Type:

Standard Size



Product Number:





1350 mm *120 mm *10mm

Foundation installed:

Formaldehyde emission


< 0.01PPM

Floor Heating:



Live Natural oil – Glossy color

Installation Labor Cost:

6m2 /hour(2 Labor)


Classic Elegance

Water resistance:


0 defect after 48 hours soaking


What is a waterproof wooden floor?
Home wood flooring due to the use of natural wood made, so have a certain degree of plant moisture absorption nature. Ordinary wood flooring in the long-term adsorption of moisture in the process, prone to the phenomenon of swelling, and adsorption to a certain limit, there will be expansion, uplift or even cracking. Waterproof floor is a better waterproof performance of the floor, not to say that the floor is not afraid of water, water is a natural enemy of the floor. If you add scientific and technological content in the wood floor, through bio-wax coating technology, the floor slot mortise double seal, this seal will prevent moisture into the substrate, to achieve a very good waterproof effect, which is waterproof floor.
At present, the wooden flooring is covered with a moisture-proof film on the bottom during paving, so as to block the infiltration of underground moisture. But in the face of damp, seasonal moisture, moisture-proof films do not really solve these problems. The use of waterproof wooden flooring for home flooring, furniture waterproof moisture up one level up, so as to avoid the problem of surface dampness.
Waterproof wood flooring with a stable waterproof, does not mean that can be completely waterproof and blister. The general waterproof wooden floor to wear layer, wax layer, waterproof layer, environmental protection layer, waterproof balance layer, quiet layer of six parts, and the core of the moisture-proof layer, and more wax seal process to create, in order to play Isolated from the ground or underground moisture.