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natural wood flooring buy laminate flooring

Classic wood flooring Regular-Zingana Selected quality Zingana wood from the stable sourcing with extremely quality control on the patents.   EWAN selected best quality Zingana woods applied to Musical instruments to our flooring.  Wood contains natural variations in color, tone, and grain that are difficult to reflect on brochures and screens. Moreover, computer monitors have different color settings which generate color variation. Therefore, room scenes designed and viewed online may vary in appearance from the batch in which  your purchase will originate.

Products Details

This is the description of natural wood flooring buy laminate flooring
This is the description of Classic wood flooring Zingana-1350
Suitable for: ground flooring, environment with high humidity, bedroom, living room, wall paneling, ceiling paneling, hotels, resorts, houses near forest, schools, library, university, gym, wine house, cellar, hospital, kindergarten, entertainment room, private club, offices, deluxe  rent-out, Airbnb, cocktail bars, Concert Hall etc,



Product Type:

Standard Size



Product Number:





1350 mm *120 mm *10mm

Foundation installed:

Formaldehyde emission


< 0.01PPM

Floor Heating:



Live Natural oil – Matt color

Installation Labor Cost:

6m2 /hour(2 Labor)


Classic Elegance

Water resistance:


0 defect after 48 hours soaking



Q:Will EWAN flooring be difficult to install?

A:This is absolutely the product with the easiest installation methods, lowest labor cost, and 0 extra accessories or material to accompany with. The engineering team just need to cut into the right dimension and install like puzzles.  You can please contact our Sales team to understand better about the methods. Click here for short videos. 




QHow EWAN Modified Wood defeat the humidity and heat?

A: Wood is a natural hygroscopic material that can absorb and release moisture. The moisture level of wood adapts continuously to the respective environment. Phenomena such as gaps, warping and cracks may typically occur in a moderate form amongst these conditions. We modified the basement of the flooring bar into a water-proof and non- expansion and remain the natural wood on the top.

EWAN products overcome all the possible issues that can happen with a hard wood by their exclusive patented technology and guarantee minimum 20 years of users’ applications.


Q: EWAN Modified Wood works with UNDERFLOOR HEATING?

A:  We modified the basement of the flooring bar into a water-proof and non- expansion and remain the natural wood on the top. The modified type of wood material of EWAN products can perfectly deliver the heat from the system to indoor without high consumption of energy. It is important therefore to ensure the right room climate is achieved but at the same time without a higher energy consumption than other materials and the modified wood material is the only solutions for it. This means that you will have a permanently stable floor under your feet.


Q: Cleaning?

A:  Different from other materials that required daily cleaning should be carried out dry with a broom or vacuum cleaner, EWAN products can be cleaned with web mob, clothes, and resistant with food, dirt, creams which can be removed easily.

Q: Technical Supports

A:  EWAN service team will provide training material to all the importers of our products which guide them to install our products properly. Furthermore, the video manual will be always available. We have International service team from the factory to be sent on site. R & D is open to receive any further opinions from our customers to make our products more suitable for their specific applications.



A:  Despite of the fact that there will be a minimum tolerant consumption during installation that is agreed by the EWAN and our customers, any further defective due to quality of the products will be replaced one-to-one from EWAN. We oblige to fulfill a complete responsibility to the cargo dispatched from EWAN factory.





natural wood flooring
natural wood flooring
buy laminate flooring
buy laminate flooring
natural wood flooring     buy laminate flooring
natural wood flooring buy laminate flooring

 Natural wood flooring suppliers tell you how to remove formaldehyde
In a newly renovated house, formaldehyde is generally exceeded. Since the volatilization time of formaldehyde is as long as 3-15 years, it is not feasible to rely solely on plants to remove formaldehyde. The best method is to ventilate and reduce formaldehyde concentration below the safety limit. According to research and use, it is proved that negative ions can effectively remove indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases and purify indoor air. The Chinese Academy of Sciences confirmed by experiments that the effective rate of removal of formaldehyde by small-size negative ions is over 73.33%, and long-term use reaches 99%.
Economical, applicable methods for removing formaldehyde from plants:
I. Chlorophytum
Characteristics: Easy to breed, adaptable, one of the most traditional home hanging plants. Its leaves are slender and soft. From the leafhoppers, small plantlets are drawn. From the pots, they descend downwards and stretch. They are like flowers and are evergreen.
Efficacy: It can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases in the room and absorb formaldehyde. The general room raises 1 ~ 2 pots of spider plant, the poisonous gas in the air can be absorbed and exhausted, so the spider plant has the reputation of "green purifier".
Second, tiger blue orchid (commonly known as: tiger skin arrow)
Characteristics: The leaves are clustered, the flag leaves are erect, the leaves are full, the surface is white, yellowish, dark green and white, showing stripes. Common family potted plants, resistant to drought, warm sunshine, but also shade-tolerant, avoid blisters.
Efficacy: It can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases in the room and absorb formaldehyde.
III. Ivy
Characteristics: It is the most ideal indoor and outdoor vertical greening species, evergreen vines, branches and vines are weak and soft, with air rooting, can climb on other objects. The leaves are alternate, the leaves are triangular and oval, and the amount of potted plants is increasing. Its typical negative plants can grow in a full-light environment, grow well in warm and humid climates, and are not tolerant to cold.
Efficacy: strong addition to formaldehyde. It can decompose two kinds of harmful substances, namely formaldehyde present in carpets, insulating materials, plywood and xylene hidden in the wallpaper and harmful to the kidneys.
Fourth, aloe
Perennial evergreen succulent plants of aloe, with short stem sections, erect leaves, hypertrophy, succulent, and lanceolate. Hi warm, dry climate, cold resistance is not strong, not shade. It is not only a good hand to absorb formaldehyde, but also has a strong medicinal value, such as the efficacy of sterilization and beauty. A number of potted varieties have been developed and are highly ornamental and can be used to decorate living rooms.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this natural wood flooring buy laminate flooring