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EWAN Tech-wood is a revolutionary product developed by EWAN Century Technology Co., ltd. together with their sister company TECKSHARK. This new material was invented in 2011 in the laboratory of Tallahassee, Florida USA owned by Dr. Shark.K. William with the purpose to change your concept of applying the wood flooring compared with any existing material in the market.

EWAN is a development and manufacture oriented company. The quality with perfection is the ultimate goal of our R & D and Production Crew. Differed from all other existing laminated wood flooring, parquet, or strengthened flooring in the market, the application of the new composite material perform 100% Natural Real Wood without being affected by natural conditions. The formula is free of negative influence due to the weather, humidity(non-deformation after soaking 72-hour), heat as well as a combination with features of User-friendly, Trouble-free cleaning, and 0 harm to adult and children. From the extra-large size (up to 4.5 meters) to standard size flooring bar, EWAN Tech-wood fulfills your various demand of comfortable home, cellar, stadium, and extremely difficult environment application. We promise to the constructor the least labor cost - 6m2 /hour(2 Labors).

The designer team of EWAN Tech-wood devote themselves to create the unique space of elegant beauty which belongs to yourself. Our head designer Mr. Ivan Chan has been rewarded as Top 10 wood furniture and wood products designer as well as the winner of Gold Axe(?) award. This is a manufacturer with more than 5 workshops composed of formulation management, wood cutting, pressing and bonding production process. The quality control is ISO verified and team member of China Furniture Standard Organization. We are involved in creation for almost 115 of furniture, flooring SKUs export quality standard. EWAN knows how to meet your demand for a high quality material, which significantly improve your life standard and satisfy your visual sensation.

Why us?

1.You are purchasing an extremely durable product that was designed to apply to all kinds of applications the hard word(wood), laminated wood and parquet flooring are not suitable for.

2.You will get a direct-from-factory cost because EWAN is a group company with their own R& D and manufacturing infrastructure.

3.Every single piece of flooring bar you get from EWAN factory will be covered by a 12-month warrantee period

4.EWAN TECH-WOOD will significantly decrease your labor cost to install the wood flooring up from 40-50% than hard wood and laminated wood flooring. s

5.Selected natural wood with various types of wood types like walnut, oak, maple, green bean, apple, cherry etc. to fulfill the demand of users for different taste and decoration style.

6.Practically we create a comfortable environment built with EWAN TECH-WOOD which keep you away from the harms from bugs, bacteria, wear-out, Formaldehyde emission eternally.