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Furniture color matching and material classification of solid wood flooring

2018-07-02 10:46:45

Solid wood flooring is a floor decoration material formed by drying and processing natural wood. Also known as the original wooden floor, it is a floor that is processed directly from solid wood. It has the natural growth texture of wood, is a poor conductor of heat, can play the role of warm winter and cool summer, comfortable feet, safe use, is the ideal material for floor decoration of bedroom, living room, study and so on.
Due to different materials, solid wood floorings have different hardness, natural color and texture, and they have the following categories:
Medium solid wood flooring materials: teak (luxury, origin Burma), merbau (pineapple grid), tea aroma (Musk).
Soft wood flooring materials: Ash, birch.
Light wood flooring materials: plus maple (luxury, origin North America), Fagus (beech), birch.
Intermediate color solid wood flooring materials: red oak (originating in North America), Asian pear (originating in Africa), alfalfa (eucalyptus), iron sumu (gold sandalwood, producing floor South America).
Dark solid wood flooring materials: balsamic peas (red sandalwood, producing floor Paraguay), Lapacho (red sandalwood, producing Paraguay), teak (made in Myanmar), arbor tree ginseng (Jade sandalwood, producing floor South America), walnut (Production floor North America), chicken wing wood (original Africa), purple heartwood (sour branch, producing floor Southeast Asia), merbau, fragrant two-winged beans, wood pods (pinkadu).
Rough solid wood flooring materials: teak, eucalyptus (eucalyptus), gamut bean, ash.
Fine-grained solid wood flooring material: Cyclobalanopsis, birch.
Solid wood floor paint coating, basically maintained the charm of wood color, color is more simple, can be roughly divided into red, brown (Brown), yellow. Each color system is divided into several different color numbers, which can be matched with almost all common furniture and popular furniture decorative panels.
Solid wood flooring and furniture color matching, there are three principles that can be followed:
1, is the same color system. If you choose a brown and white mosaic furniture, you can use a brown teak and two-winged bean flooring to match. If you choose imitation mahogany solid wood furniture, you can use the red-colored eucalyptus eucalyptus and balsamic peas floor to match colors. With the same color, decoration style is rigorous, orderly, and atmosphere.
2, is a close to the color system. If you choose the black walnut veneer furniture, you can use the brown big fruit arana, the master birch, and the green mulberry floor color matching. The color is matched, and the decoration style is lively, harmonious and delicate.
3, is a matching color system. If you choose crimson antique furniture, some stylish families will choose light yellow maple wood floor color. The color of this floor is white and yellow, and it has a sharp and harmonious contrast with the dark red furniture. Contrast color matching, in principle, should be used with caution, the color must have a professional vision or ask experts to check, color must have a strong contrast, but also have a harmonious background.