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How Ewan Flooring is a Genuine Wood Products defeated other products

2017-09-06 13:23:00

Many customers have got to know about EWAN products have their extremely high performance when it challenges the water, heat, bugs, bacteria but still, some of them doubted it is a real wood?

We try to explain to you how a real wood can be so powerful to deal with many different difficult environments.

EWAN Tech-Wood is a revolutionary new technique to apply the high performance on a very neutral material born from nature. 


We have the self-developed formula and based on that configuration we produce this product that harder, stronger, more durable but completely made with real wood to meet the sensation from customers who want a real wood flooring. 



water and heat proof RED-OAK-1350 is one of the examples.


QHow EWAN Modified Wood defeat the humidity and heat?

A: Wood is a natural hygroscopic material that can absorb and release moisture. The moisture level of wood adapts continuously to the respective environment. Phenomena such as gaps, warping and cracks may typically occur in a moderate form amongst these conditions. We modified the basement of the flooring bar into a water-proof and non- expansion and remain the natural wood on the top.

EWAN products overcome all the possible issues that can happen with a hard wood by their exclusive patented technology and guarantee minimum 20 years of users’ applications.


Q: EWAN Modified Wood works with UNDERFLOOR HEATING?

A:  We modified the basement of the flooring bar into a water-proof and non- expansion and remain the natural wood on the top. The modified type of wood material of EWAN products can perfectly deliver the heat from the system to indoor without high consumption of energy. It is important therefore to ensure the right room climate is achieved but at the same time without a higher energy consumption than other materials and the modified wood material is the only solutions for it. This means that you will have a permanently stable floor under your feet.


Q: Cleaning?

A:  Different from other materials that required daily cleaning should be carried out dry with a broom or vacuum cleaner, EWAN products can be cleaned with web mob, clothes, and resistant with food, dirt, creams which can be removed easily.

Q: Technical Supports

A:  EWAN service team will provide training material to all the importers of our products which guide them to install our products properly. Furthermore, the video manual will be always available. We have International service team from the factory to be sent on site. R & D is open to receive any further opinions from our customers to make our products more suitable for their specific applications.



A:  Despite of the fact that there will be a minimum tolerant consumption during installation that is agreed by the EWAN and our customers, any further defective due to quality of the products will be replaced one-to-one from EWAN. We oblige to fulfill a complete responsibility to the cargo dispatched from EWAN factory.