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How to make the old floor "a new look"

2017-10-20 10:45:29

How to make the old floor "a new look"

Wood flooring used in floor heating Sapele -1450

    Home shop wooden floor of the family should know that the use of wood flooring in a three or five years later, will gradually lose luster, comfort and aesthetics will be greatly reduced, after considering the need for the renovation of the wood floor, Wood flooring manufacturers after renovation of the wood floor will be glossy, have a better experience performance.
1, floor polished floor renovation of the first step is to the old floor of the surface layer of paint to remove 1-2 mm, you need to use a large floor renovation machinery, will produce more dust, the site refurbished, then to do the protective measures The Respectively, using 40 mesh, 80 mesh, 120 purpose sandpaper successive polished three times to ensure that the ground after grinding smooth and smooth. The larger the mesh size of the sandpaper, the smaller the particles, the less obvious the scratches left after grinding.

2, putty scraping the floor after grinding the surface smooth, but not necessarily smooth, need to scratch the putty again to find the floor. You can use with the floor paint supporting the use of special transparent primer putty, polished in the floor on a layer of putty putty, smear evenly, waiting to dry.
3, primer tinted floor scraping putty after the need to do brush primer or color processing. After the floor polished, scraping putty, the color of the depth will be inconsistent, but because the solid wood surface texture is natural, color can not be changed, just adjust the depth of the floor color, so that it can be consistent.

4, the top paint color finish, waiting for the primer can be dry after brushing paint. After the first finish of the paint dry with water sandpaper grinding again, so that the floor layer has a slight rough effect, blowing off the surface after the brush on the second layer of paint finish.
5, polished waxing floor polished, finish work well after the last step is polished waxing conservation work. Use a special floor wax on the floor to fine apply, make sure not to fall off every corner of the floor. Daily attention should also pay attention to the maintenance of the floor, to avoid sharp objects on the floor damage.