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Select the type and material of the floor

2018-07-02 10:03:07

Hardwood floors are made of wood, mostly from the gutter floor, making installation easier. More than half of the floor in the market is finished (painted) finished flooring, often referred to as "painted panels". The paint board is processed at the factory, painted and dried, and the quality is high. It is often not easy to achieve the current level of paint quality. After the lacquer board is installed, it is no longer necessary to plan, polish and paint the surface. Solid wood floors are divided into hardwood floors and cork floor boards according to the wooden texture.
 1: hardwood floor: hardwood As the name suggests, hardwood is delicate and compact. In general, wood is heavy. Redwood is hardwood, but not all hardwoods are mahogany. Especially in floor types, hardwood floors are hard. Fine texture, good wear resistance, good elasticity, dry, clean, beautiful. Wood used for ordinary hardwood floors includes ash, birch, walnut, oak, sea bream, eucalyptus, and the like. Wood used for high-grade wood flooring includes cherries, longan and camphor.
 2: Cork flooring: The height is made of pine, fir (cedar, hemlock, etc.) and cedar. The cork floor looks warm and elastic. However, the wear resistance is poor. If it is not dry enough, it will be more susceptible to deformation and cracking.
3: Solid wood composite flooring is made of solid wood, mainly in the following three types:
(1) Three-layer solid wood composite flooring. Made of three different types of wood. The surface layer is made of hardwood, such as beech, birch, beech, cherry, ash and so on. The middle layer and the bottom layer are made of cork. If pine wood is used as the middle core board, the resilience of the solid wood floor is increased and relatively reduced. cost. (2) Multi-layer parquet floor. A multilayer plywood was used as the substrate, and the hardwood chips were mounted on the surface and laminated with a urea resin adhesive.
(3) New solid wood flooring. The surface layer is made of hardwood, such as beech, birch, beech, cherry, ash, etc. The middle and bottom layers are made of medium-density fibers or high-density fiberboard. The fruit delivery and durability are similar to the three-layer solid wood flooring. Reinforced composite floor: The reinforced composite floor adopts three layers of materials, and the middle layer is high density fiberboard, which has strong impact resistance and is not easy to be deformed. The bottom layer is a balancing layer and functions as a moisture barrier layer. The surface is covered with a melamine wear layer. Decorative layer, wear resistance is much higher than wood, fire-retardant performance, and anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-mite. The surface can print a variety of wood grain, beautiful appearance. Paving is quick and easy, saving wood. But the elasticity is worse than the solid wood floor.