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Teak flooring manufacturer,Known as the "King of Million Wood"

2017-12-04 10:50:55

Teak (TEAK), Verbenaceae, is recognized world-renowned precious wood, of which Thailand, Myanmar as the best, because Thailand has banned logging, so to Myanmar for the import of top grade. Teak from growth to the timber at least 50-60 years or so, the slow growth period, the higher density and hardness, easy to wear; teak is rich in iron and oil, the iron and oil so that the deformation is not easy, pest control , Anti-termite, anti-acid, special moisture, decay, and with a natural mellow. Beautiful ink lines, gorgeous oil shadows, constitute the unique natural texture of teak; even more amazing is that its planing surface color can be oxidized by photosynthesis and golden yellow, and the color is more beautiful with the extension of time..........