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bamboo laminate wide wood flooring

2018-03-29 12:07:16

bamboo laminate
bamboo laminate
wide wood flooring
wide wood flooring
bamboo laminate   wide wood flooring
bamboo laminate wide wood flooring

The solid wood floor is made of high-grade hardwood materials. The wooden surface of the board is beautiful. The decoration is elegant and noble. The texture is thick and moist, and the colors are gorgeous. The style is very distinguished and elegant. The visual effect is very good, the senses are strong, and the wooden floor looks not monotonous. The warm color of the color, especially when the body is exhausted, can make the body and mind happy. It is the first choice for high-end income families.
Most types of solid wood flooring, hard and dense materials, strong anti-corrosion resistance, normal use, life can be as long as several decades and even a hundred years.
Cool in winter and cool in summer
Wood thermal conductivity is small, with the effect of warm winter and cool in summer (the insulation effect is very good). In winter, the surface temperature of solid wood flooring is 8°C~10°C higher than the surface temperature of the tile. People don't feel cold when walking on the wooden floor. In summer, the room temperature of the solid wood floor is 2°C lower than the temperature of the tiled room. 3°C.
Green and harmless
Solid wood flooring timber from the original forest, the use of non-volatile wear-resistant paint coating, from the species to the paint are green and harmless, unlike tiles with radiation, nor like the enhanced floor with formaldehyde, is a natural green harmless Ground building materials.
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