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engineered oak flooring inexpensive wood flooring

2018-03-13 09:27:46

engineered oak flooring
engineered oak flooring
inexpensive wood flooring
inexpensive wood flooring
engineered oak flooring      inexpensive wood flooring
engineered oak flooring inexpensive wood flooring

 Engineered oak flooring manufacturer describes why a good floor is expensive
01. Common conditions of poor floor
To buy floors that are too cheap, first of all, there may be problems with quality and various parameters that are not up to the standard. Second, you may also encounter these:
The smell of formaldehyde is particularly heavy on cloudy days. It is very cumbersome to take care of it. It is not easy to get dirty, and it is easier to crack, arch, etc.
When installed, it is easy to miss and affect the appearance.
02. Why is the floor expensive?
Good floor production process, high cost
The floor needs to be made of wood raw materials, through dozens of equipments, through dozens of demanding processes. The cost of a good floor is higher, so it is more expensive!
Good floor inspection standards are strict and eliminated
Manufacturers pursue the design of the floor itself, on the one hand in the design of color, the second is the raw material, the third is the paint, the fourth is the security, have made the overall requirements.
Good flooring is not only a product but also a service
A good floor is not only expensive in itself, but also has a series of added value, of which the service has a large proportion. When you purchase our products, you also enjoy our later protection services.
Good floor, also need to operate
A formal floor shop requires labor costs, requires management costs, requires rent, and requires warehouses and logistics.
The advantages of Bayer flooring
1.Bellwood floors have good safety and sound insulation, sound insulation, and their dense wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, blocking sound and heat, better than cement, tiles and steel.
2. The Bayer floor has certain advantages in humidity regulation. When the climate is dry, the moisture inside the wood is released. In humid climate, the wood absorbs moisture in the air. By absorbing and releasing moisture, Baier Floor adjusts the indoor air humidity to the most comfortable level in the human body. Scientific research shows that long-term living huts can have an average life span of 10 years.
3.Baiermu flooring is durable, especially solid wood flooring, most types of solid wood flooring, hard and dense materials, strong anti-corrosion resistance, normal use, life can be as long as several decades and even a hundred years.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this engineered oak flooring inexpensive wood flooring