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engineered oak flooring walnut laminate flooring

2018-02-28 09:18:55

engineered oak flooring
engineered oak flooring
walnut laminate flooring
walnut laminate flooring

 walnut laminate flooring classification introduced
First, from the thickness of the points are thin and thick (8 mm and 12 mm or so).
From the environmental point of view, the thin is better than the thickness. Because of the thin, the glue used per unit area is relatively small. Thick, the density is not as high as the thin, almost impact resistance, but slightly better foot feeling. In fact, the two are not very different. In fact, the quality of these two kinds of floor thickness are no different, the key is to look at personal choices.
Second, there are standard from the specifications, wide board and narrow board
Standard, the width is generally 191-195 mm. Length of about 1200 and about 1300. Wide plate, the length of more than 1200 mm, a width of 295 mm or so. Narrow board, the length of 900-1000 mm, the width is basically about 100 mm. The approximate specifications of solid wood flooring, mostly called imitation solid wood flooring.
The standard specification is adopted by most members of the European Flooring Producers Association. Still so. China's imports of the world's most advanced and strengthen the floor processing lines, but also the use of standard specifications. In other words, the use of imported assembly line processing, large-scale laminate flooring manufacturing enterprises, the vast majority are still standard. There are many dealers on the market, advertised their products are imported, often say the word: "There is no import width of about 12 mm thick size and size." Should be the vast majority of imported flooring, there is no wide board size and thickened size.
Wide board size is China's intensive floor processing enterprises in order to meet consumer demand, invented by ourselves. Its advantages look generous, the floor gap is relatively small. The majority is thickened, that is about 12 mm. The general surface of the decorative paper are made, color variations, more flexible. The disadvantage is relatively large color point, decorative paper almost ultraviolet resistance.
Narrow board size is also our country's characteristics. Solid wood flooring looks generous, too expensive, the stability is not good; China's flooring manufacturers to create imitation solid wood flooring, look at its specifications and solid wood flooring, the price is cheap, good stability, the four sides made V-groove, really To real ones, the thickness is basically about 12 mm. In the market less than a year, very popular.
Third, from the surface coating points are aluminum oxide, melamine, piano lacquer.
Standard reinforced flooring surface, should all contain alumina wear paper. It has 46 grams, 38 grams, 33 grams, and a little lower, sprayed directly on the decorative paper of aluminum oxide. State regulations, indoor use to strengthen the surface of the floor wear-resistant rotation should be more than 6000 rpm, as long as the use of 46 grams of wear-resistant paper floor, to ensure that meet the requirements. 38 grams of wear-resistant paper wear-resistant rotation can reach 4000-5000 rpm, 33 grams lower. Direct spraying aluminum oxide, can reach 2000-3000 turn very well. Low wear-resistant revolution, the material cost is relatively low; due to its low degree of wear resistance, processing tool costs are low. On the contrary, high wear-resistant rotation, the cost itself is much higher.
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