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engineered oak flooring ash hardwood flooring

2018-02-09 09:56:06

engineered oak flooring
engineered oak flooring
ash hardwood flooring
ash hardwood flooring
engineered oak flooring    ash hardwood flooring
engineered oak flooring ash hardwood flooring

 Engineered oak flooring consumer misunderstanding
Misunderstanding one: when laying paved Daxinban
Some consumers over the pursuit of foot feeling, like to add a layer of keel on the keel. In fact, the big difference between the quality of large core board, bad core board will affect the quality of oak flooring pavement. Therefore, if consumers are not to pursue too high a sense of foot, we must choose the market for sale of brand-name Oak Daixinban products.
Misunderstanding 2: only re-purchase does not re-pavement
Oak flooring has a direct paste method, the keel laying method, the laying method of suspension, no matter what method of laying, be sure to choose a good construction team, adhere to the 'six do not shop', that is, wall wetting, ground dry, uneven Not paved; mixed construction is not paved; the use of low-quality accessories is not paved; the construction period is too fast, unable to implement the process is not paved; found that the quality of the product is not paved;
Misunderstanding three: do not attach importance to routine maintenance
Some consumers think that wood flooring products do not have to be too careful maintenance, mop directly with the mop floor, heating drip does not mind, this way, oak wood flooring is prone to discoloration, deformation, cracks and other issues. Use oak flooring, be sure to follow the manufacturer's regular maintenance of the floor.
Myth: oak wood flooring is not environmentally friendly
Consumers think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, combined with multilayer veneer between veneer, oak wood parquet in higher formaldehyde content, not environmentally friendly. In fact, parquet formaldehyde emission as long as the control within the scope of national standards, you can rest assured that use.
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