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engineered oak flooring formica flooring.

2018-02-26 09:21:37

engineered oak flooring
engineered oak flooring
formica flooring
engineered oak flooring    formica flooring
engineered oak flooring formica flooring

 Solid wood flooring rating: Country Division: Premium products, first-class products, qualified products in three grades, the highest quality products.
Environmental level: the state did not make the appropriate standard.
Wear-resistant grade: excellent products solid wood flooring paint surface wear resistance index ≤ 0.08g / 100r; first-class product ≤ 0.10g / 100r; qualified product ≤ 0.15g / 100r.
Film hardness: It reflects the strength of solid wood floor surface film, and solid wood flooring and paint the thickness of the film itself, the material is closely related to the national standard excellent products solid wood floor film hardness index for the 2H level; first-class products And qualified products ≥ H. Solid wood flooring is dried wood, the formation of ground processing of decorative materials. It has a natural pattern, comfortable feet, the use of safe features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other flooring decoration ideal material. Solid wood decorative style back to nature, the natural texture, the decline in forest coverage, vigorously promote environmental protection, solid wood flooring is even more precious. The weakness of solid wood flooring lies in the durability of wet and sunshine is poor, wet natural wood expansion, but dry but will shrink, leading to cracks or even buckling tilt. Warm use of solid wood flooring processing requirements of great, so the market, wood is not warm, but not without, but very little.
The merits of the solid wood flooring, the price of the points, not only from the different species to determine, but also from the film hardness, paint surface wear, paint adhesion and moisture content indicators and so on.
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