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engineered oak flooring prefinished solid hardwood flooring

2018-02-08 09:30:54

engineered oak flooring
engineered oak flooring
prefinished solid hardwood flooring
prefinished solid hardwood flooring
engineered oak flooring    prefinished solid hardwood flooring
engineered oak flooring prefinished solid hardwood flooring

Engineered oak flooring advantages
1, inherited the solid wood floor elegant and natural, comfortable feet, good insulation properties, to overcome the solid wood flooring shrinkage due to monomer, easy to crack from the lack of Alice, with good dimensional stability, and pest control, not combustion, not Alice deformation, from the protection of forest resources point of view, it is the replacement of solid wood flooring products.
2, with the advantages of easy installation and maintenance of laminate flooring, to avoid the formaldehyde emission of laminate flooring is too high, feet feel stiff and other shortcomings, high-grade parquet using advanced matt paint, its high wear resistance, light soft , The average family use without waxing maintenance, the use of a few years without painting, engineered oak flooring more use of formaldehyde emission of low adhesive, good environmental protection.
3, engineered oak flooring There is one of the biggest advantages of high precision machining, surface, core, the underlying layers of the craft requirements relative to other high wooden floor, so the structure is stable, the installation effect is good.
4, affordable: Engineered oak flooring Due to the unique structure of the relationship between the requirements of the wood is not so high, and can make full use of materials, so the price is much lower than solid wood flooring. And engineered oak flooring quotes are included installation, and solid wood flooring quotations are light board price.
5, engineered oak flooring stable quality, not easily damaged. , So that a variety of wood stress within the laminate between the adaptation to ensure the smoothness and stability of the wooden floor. And retain the aesthetics of solid wood flooring in one, both to enjoy the warmth of nature, but also solve the hard wood floor maintenance problems, is to strengthen the wooden floor and solid wood floor, a beautiful crystal. In case of heat, case of tide, enhance the stability of the wooden floor, not prone to dry crack and deformation phenomenon.
Stain resistance: no stains, no waxing. As parquet materials used are logs, so the foot feel and solid wood flooring, there is no difference. Some characteristics of solid wood flooring, such as feet feel good, warm in winter and cool the same. And parquet surfaces are used in high-grade wood, looks and high-end solid wood flooring the same.
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