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engineered oak flooring buy hardwood flooring

2018-01-22 09:39:56

engineered oak flooring
engineered oak flooring
 buy hardwood flooring
 buy hardwood flooring
engineered oak flooring   buy hardwood flooring
engineered oak flooring buy hardwood flooring

Engineered oak flooring Manufacturers describe the benefits of wood flooring
In the home decoration, the choice of floor installation so that many people are very tangled, then the home improvement network Xiaobian tell you what the benefits of wood flooring?
Wood flooring is dried wood, after the formation of the ground processing of decorative materials, living room, bedroom, study and other surface decoration of the ideal material. It has the following advantages:
1, not easy to dew
As the moisture absorption and humidity control of wood are stronger than those of metal, stone and concrete, there is no "sweating" phenomenon when the weather is moist or the temperature drops. In this way, when the timber is made of wooden flooring, the floor will not slippery due to dampness, causing unnecessary troubles.
2, strong durability
The seismic and decay resistance of wood is not inferior to that of other building materials. Many well-known old buildings are still standing still after thousands of years of wind and rain. Many of the former wooden boats were immersed in water for so long now Still strong, so is the wooden floor.
3, easy processing
Wood can be any saw, planing, cutting, cutting and even nail, so wood flooring with other materials unmatched reworkability, such as paint into a variety of colors and maintain the original pattern, you can create a variety of effects.
4, good insulation, with the role of temperature regulation
5, beautiful natural, pollution-free
Wood is natural, its annual rings, texture can often form a beautiful picture, giving a feeling of return to nature, regardless of texture or color are unique, loved by the people. Wood is the most typical green product, it has no pollution source itself, and some wood has aromatic tincture, which can give a healthy and soothing aroma, which is safe to use and has good decorative effect.
6, light and hard
Wood as building materials and metal building materials and stone compared to more convenient transportation, laying. According to the experimental results, the tension of pine is 3 times that of steel, 25 times of concrete, 50 times of manpower and 4 times of anti-stress. Wood made of solid wood flooring shop in the ground, it can better reflect its advantages.
Wood is not easy to heat, but also the moisture in the air can be absorbed and evaporated, so that the maintenance of indoor air humidity in people feel comfortable.
7, ease the impact
Wood and human impact, resistance than other building materials, soft, natural, beneficial to human health, but also help to protect the safety of the elderly and children living.
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