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prefinished flooring formica flooring

2018-03-23 09:33:21

prefinished flooring
prefinished flooring
 formica flooring
formica flooring
prefinished flooring    formica flooring
prefinished flooring formica flooring

The thicker the floor, the better? Not! Consumers should understand the floor thickness correctly!
Taking the laminate flooring as an example, the laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of composite materials. The wear layer, the decorative layer, the base material layer, and the balance layer are included in the table and the inside. The wear layer is made by impregnating melamine resin with a surface paper with wear-resistant material Al2O3. It is a key part of the decision to strengthen the lifespan of wood flooring.
The wear-resistant layer imparts important physical and chemical properties such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, resistance to cigarette burning, resistance to contamination, corrosion resistance, moisture, and the like on the surface of the laminate flooring. The wear-resistant rotation of household laminate flooring should be greater than or equal to 6,000 rpm, and the wear-resistant rotation of laminate flooring used in public places should be greater than or equal to 9,000 rpm.
So how to identify the quality of the floor wear quality?
How to identify the quality of floor wear
1, first of all, it is definitely necessary to look at the test report, above the floor of the formaldehyde, wear rotation has a more clear description.
2, if it is to strengthen the floor, desirable a small piece of product, with 180-mesh sandpaper polished on the surface of the product 20-30, if you find the decorative paper wear, then wear-resistant layer to a certain extent, easy to damage, not wear. Normally the wear-resistant layer after passing through 50 grinding, the surface layer will not be damaged, it will not hurt the decorative paper. (This method is a simple home test method.)
3. Observe whether the surface is clear and whether there are white spots.
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