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Wood Flooring Classic
it is resistant to water spray or soaking
This is a specific patent and colored we manufactured for project. This construction company riveted the flooring because they changed from Hard wood structure to our product. Normally there is no wood basement below our flooring. Simple need to lay our flooring on a horizontal ground.
The first generation of Ewan Tech-Wood was free of basement installation already and the later version will decrease a lot more of bonding material usage. The labor cost for our flooring is 80% cheaper than any other material. Stay Tune for updates...
water spray on the flooring
New surface painting gives users a sensation of touching from real wood
How Ewan Tech-Wood resist water?
EASY Installation of Project with eucalyptus wood from North Europe
An example of EWAN Bolivian supplier who produces for our Santos Rose Wood. Even the largest supplier can only supply 2000m2.
Techshark - Ewan Products in skyscraper 1